An Opinionated Man


I'm a software engineer working out of San Francisco, CA. Historically I've tried to use Tumblr to contain my long-form writing, but I've learned that format is not well suited to the length or audience I court. So, I've erected this structure as a place to throw away larger bits of text.

You might also like to see my Google+ Profile and Twitter stream, but I'd recommend against them. My other productions are probably much more suited to casual observation.


Other Productions

The following may be of interest to you:



Several people gave me a hand putting this site together. Most formidable amongst these is the excellent help Kyro Beshay offered me, out of pure kindness. It was much appreciated. Of course, the entire publishing system is the brainchild of Jasper Van der Jeugt, who wrote Hakyll. He claims to be inspired by my good friend Tom Preston-Werner's project Jekyll.