Welcome To The New Hotness


So, this is my new blog. It’s a fair question to ask me, “Why another blog? Don’t you already have a tumblr?” Fair question. After a few longer blog posts, I got a lot of negative feedback on the style I used on tumblr for reading.

It made me realize that there is a lot I do with tumblr that is just link and media sharing which is good, but it might not be appropriate for everything I want to do. So I decided that this will be my other outlet, where I publish and mirror things that require a less hyperactive setting to read and understand.

(Oh, and also: editing tumblr styles is a huge pain in the ass.)

Right now I’m using Hakyll to publish this. I’m going to keep it up on Github, but publish to a S3 bucket.

I’ll continue to incrementally refine the style and capabilities of the site as I get more comfortbale with Yesod and Hakyll. In the meantime: